Two Roads

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6:23 NIV

We have been made for God – He is the only thing, better, the only One, who can satisfy us. But the devil tries to trick us by telling us, “You can be satisfied with money; you can be satisfied with fancy cars; you can be satisfied with sex; you can be satisfied with food,” and on and on. It is amazing what silly things we will believe can do it.  But the fact is, every one of those hauls us in and ties us up in knots and then when we come to the end we realize, “No, that’s not really what I wanted.” Happy the person who finds that out before it is too late.

In the sixth chapter of Romans, Paul tells us that there are really only two roads in the world. There is the road of God-given righteousness, which leads to Godly character and heaven, and there is the other road, which leads to eternal death. He sums it all up in the final verse. Usually, we quote that statement when we’re talking to non-Christians. But in the structure of the book, it is clear that Romans 6 is addressed to Christians, people who have been justified by faith (chapter three through five). Paul is talking to believers.

He says to you and to me “the wages of sin is death.” If you and I say, “Ok, I’m a Christian. I’m going to go to heaven, and it doesn’t matter if I sin a little bit; I’m just human,” Paul says you are trying to walk on two roads, and that won’t work. In fact, you are working for a task master who one day is going to give you a paycheck that you will have to take, like it or not.

But if you take the holiness road, the righteousness road, the Jesus road (the road he has been talking about in the whole chapter) the gift (not the paycheck) of God is eternal life. Do you see what he is saying? If you choose that road, the road of righteousness, your victory over sin through the Spirit doesn’t earn anything. Yes, that road ends in heaven, but it is a gift. a gift! It always was and always will be.  Give your life to Jesus without any reservation, take his road, the highway of holiness (Isa 35:8), and you will never, ever, regret it.

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