Gos is For Us

Then my enemies will turn back in the day when I call. This I know, thatGod is for me.

Psalm 56:9 ESV

David, worn down by Saul’s dogged pursuit of him, and his own people’s, the Judean’s, persistent betrayal of him to Saul, has finally fled to the Philistines, Judah’s mortal enemies. Now he waits, perhaps in a prison cell, to see what they will do to him.

Here is a man who has suffered terrible disillusionment. Everything he has ever believed about humanity is in ruins. They want to devour him, they twist his words, their promises are worthless, there seems to be nothing good in humans of any sort.

But underneath that disillusionment is a singing assurance: God is for us. That Person whose clothing is the universe, that Spirit who is existence itself, is on our side. This being so, what can a little piece of meat (“flesh,” v. 4), a cloud of dust (“man,” v. 11) do to us? In the midst of his trouble and despair, David has not lost his perspective. If Yahweh, the great I AM, is for us we don’t need to be afraid of anything.

But how can David say that? He says it because of the Word. God is not silent; he has spoken. He had made promises to Abraham, and Jacob, and Moses, and he had kept those promises, everyone. And now, of course, to us he has given his best promise and fulfillment: the Word, Jesus. Don’t doubt it: God is for you and me, whatever the circumstances may be.

That being so, what does David do? He trusts Yahweh (vv. 4, 11). The cell door is still closed. The debating voices still rise and fall. But David trusts the God. He knows that, whatever the outcome, God will lead David out in triumph.

Are you disillusioned, in trouble? Don’t lose your perspective. God is for you; his Word guarantees it. So, walk forward in confidence, trusting him, knowing that whatever happens you will be the victor.

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